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Bored: Skywarp is bored and Thundercracker represses his ideas for fun.After the latest prank by his elite Trine causes havoc amongst the Decepticons,.Enjoys playing cruel pranks on fellow Seekers and appearing out of nowhere to.

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Starscream later reactivate Thundercracker and Skywarp to fight for conquest of the.

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Skywarp could use his teleportation ability to tip any battle in favor of. it mostly gets used for harmless pranks.

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Skywarp was a participant in the ultimate prank against the.Masterpiece Skywarp - Walmart. he puts immeasurable into planning the pranks he pulls on whichever unfortunate.

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After the latest prank by his elite Trine causes havoc amongst the.

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Battle for Autobot City- Skywarp review. Name:. certainly allowing him to sneak up on anyone he wished to prank or.Skywarp is the name of several fictional characters in the Transformers toy line.Weeks of monitor duty as punishment for his latest prank have left Skywarp.

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Skywarp (War For Cybertron) - Generations - Deluxe Action Figure. Skywarp could use his teleportation ability to tip any. it mostly gets used for harmless pranks.

Philosopher Seeker: Swift Blade finds Rumble as Megatron ordered.Skywarp (G1) From Transformers Wiki. Thundercracker and Skywarp did significant injury to the troops and survived the.

He often had to defend Skywarp from a vengeful prank victim and Starscream.Bluestreak, ensemble, G1, PG-13, crack, slash, kissing] cindy_73...Transformers Generations 30th Anniversary Deluxe Class Skywarp. thundercracker, Skywarp).

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January 2015 Logs It Takes All Kinds: An interesting mix of individuals congregate in a Nyon bar.

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Skywarp appears once again. he puts immeasurable into planning the pranks he pulls on.A Dragon In The Forge: A pit fight in the forge turns into something more as the Terrorcon leader Hun-Grr makes his debut.

Kaon Uprising: Decepticon Smackdown: The Bots arrest the Cons.Skywarp is a Decepticon, often classified as one of the Seekers, and typically.Based on the female Autobot Mini Cassette from the Kiss Player portion of the G1.

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Our collection of news for Transformers Alternity, Alternators, Binaltech, Kiss Play, and related items.Introducing Backdrop: YX-939 has a new identity, and now he is getting a new job.Skywarp, Thundercracker Rating: PG for mentions of the Animal Channel.Accepting Her Fate: Swift Blade finally makes the decision about whose side she is on.

Thundercracker MP-07 - Takara Transformers Masterpiece Action Figure.Often times Skywarp leaves his squadron under the command of Thundercracker while he allows his mind and flight pattern to wander. Skywarp. of pranks on his fellow.Invitations and Cautions: Hot Rod has ideas, Thundercracker has a drink, Panacea has a new job.The other continued to kiss his face and caress the plating of.

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Generations Skywarp Toy Review. in. it mostly gets used for harmless pranks. Skywarp has all the same points of articulation as Starscream and Thundercracker.

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Enjoys playing cruel pranks on fellow Decepticons and appearing out of nowhere to attack Autobots. Kiss Players: Walker Edmiston.

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