Hitachi L32hp01e L32hp01u Service Manual

Page 32: Tips, Care Of The Screen, Poor Picture, No Picture, Sound, Remote Control.Page 26: Program Table, Name, Insert, Delete, Aps (auto Programming System), Program.

Page 25: Pap Source, Pap Swap, Sleep Timer, Child Lock, Language, Av-2 Out, Blue Background, Menu Background.This Service Manual can help you recover, restore, fix and repair Hitachi L32HP01E TV.Program.25 To Connect To AV Input.30 Band.26 To Connect To S-VHS Input.30 Channel.26 Connect The Decoder To The Video Recorder 30 Colour System.26 Connecting Headphones (optional).30 Sound System.It is required to subscribe to a pay channel company TV Setup to view the pay channels of the Digital Terrestrial broad- To be able to go through TV functions, you can use casting. this item.Replacement Parts The TV set should be operated only from a 220-240 V When replacement parts are required, be sure the AC, 50 Hz outlet.

Are you ripped off by your nearby repair shops or mechanics many times when they charge.If you do not re-tune your channels when advised to do so by Digital UK, you may lose some or all of your channels until you do re-tune.Select the optimum one from Sound Indicator and Zoom Mode are displayed the following ZOOM modes.Page 27: Band, Channel, Colour System, Sound System, Fine Tune, Search, Store, Install Menu In Av Modes.Visit us online for more information or to download service.Hitachi service repair manuals, schematics, circuit diagrams, parts lists, troubleshooting, disassembly, service menu.And by pressing button With Digital terrestrial broadcasting (DVB-T), in addi- again you can exit Help menu. tion to pictures and sound, you can also watch digital teletext.Contents Safety Precautions. 3 Recording From IDTV. 19 Features. 6 Language.19 Accessories.6 TV Setup.20 LCD TV Front View. 7 Common Interface. 20 Rear View and Peripheral Connections.7 Analogue TV Menu System.

Note: 3D Comb feature is not functional in NATU- RAL picture mode.View and Download Hitachi L32HP01 user manual online. LCD TV Hitachi L32HP01E Instructions For Use Manual.Do not use abrasive solvents as they may damage the TV screen coating layer.Page 16: Adding Locks To Channels, Setting Favourites, On Screen Help Pressing Info Button.Page 29: Other Features, Tv Status, Mute Indicator, Pip And Pap Modes, Av Modes, Zoom Modes, Auto.Tips Care Of The Screen Clean the screen with a slightly damp, soft cloth.Other- For ventilation, leave a space of at least 10 cm free all wise it can be damaged due to any leakage of bat- around the set.Resolution Frequency Mode Horizontal Vertical Hor.(kHz) Ver.(Hz) 31.5 37.9 37.5.PAP Source Blue Background Select PAP Source item by using button.

The following table is an illustration of some of the typical video display modes.Appendix A: PC Input Typical Display Modes The display has a maximum resolution of 1360 x 768, frequency range of 56-75 Hz.First of all choose Language,Country and TXT Lan- guage by using buttons.Page 15: Idtv Menu System, Channel List, Navigating The Whole Channel List.Page 18: Configuration, Audio Language, Subtitle, Favourite Mode, Epg Preference, Receiver Upgrade.

Page 5: Power Source, Replacement Parts, Power Cord, Waste Disposal, Moisture And Water, Heat And Flames.Page 12: Basic Operations, Operation With The Buttons On The Tv, Volume Setting, Programme Selection.User manuals, Hitachi Lcd tv Operating guides and Service manuals. Sign In. Upload. L32HP01U. User Manual.Consumer Business Group Shin-Otemachi Bldg 5f, 2-1, Otemachi 2-Chome, Chiyoda-Ku, Tokyo 100-0004 Japan HITACHI EUROPE LTD.Page 36: S-input Connector Pin Specifications, Hdmi Connector Pin Specifications, Scart Connector Pin Specifications, Signal Input.Definition pictures from devices such as a High Defi- Source selection for VCR recording.

PIP Posi- tion info will be displayed at the bottom of the menu OSD.LCD Television Service Manual LCD TV PANASONIC TC -L47ET5 Chassis LA35. Категория.

Subtitle Teletext This zooms up the wide picture (16:9 aspect ratio) Teletext system transmits informartion such as news, with subtitles to the full screen. sports and weather on your TV.Feature Menu PIP Position Select PIP Position item by using button. button to adjust PIP position.Ensure that you select the correct service technician has used replacement parts which voltage setting for your convenience.PO Box 3007 152 33 Chalandri Maidenhead Athens Berkshire SL6 8ZE.

The Lock icon will now be dis- CHANNEL LIST BBC ONE played next to the selected channel.Peripheral Equipment Connections HEADPHONE AUDIO AUDIO IN VIDEO IN VIDEO ANT.IN CAMCORDER SATELLITE RECEIVER ANTENNA Aerial Connection Outdoor Aerial Connection Round 75 ohm coaxial cable Rear of TV - 32 -.Use You can set the TV to automatically change to a blue screen if the signal is weak or absent, or when there button to set PAP source. is no input from an external device.Note: When main picture source is TV, AV-1, AV-2 or AV-3, PIP window can only be set to The Blue Background feature can be turned on or off.Program Table APS (Auto Programming System) By pressing button, select Program Table.Repeat the same operation to cancel the Lock. 1. BBC ONE 2. BBC TWO 3.Your TV will switch on in two steps: Because this is the first time the TV is used, there are 1- Connect the power cord to the system.

Page 14: Displaying The Subtitles, Digital Teletext, Over Air Download, Widescreen.Manuals Brands Hitachi Manuals LCD TV L32HP01 User manual Hitachi L32HP01 User Manual Digital lcd colour carries service manuals for many different products, including the HITACHI L32HP01U.Repair manual for Hitachi CT2087B W SOLID STATE COLOR TELEVISION.Page 13: Everyday Operation, Information Banner, Electronic Programme Guide (epg).

Zoom Modes Other Features TV Status Zoom mode can be changed by pressing the button.By press- Band can be selected either C or S by press button. button, you can change the colour system to PAL, SECAM, PAL 60, NTSC 4,43, NTSC 3,58 or Channel AUTO.There are two possibilities for Receiver software to Enter Lock Key be upgraded: automatic and manual.You can change the screen size according to Programme Number, Programme Name, the picture aspect ratio.Up to five separate timer events can be set and each Recording From IDTV is displayed in the Timer screen, showing the event Connect your VCR to AV-2 via a scart lead. number, the channel to be selected, the start time, end Set the AV-2 OUT in the feature menu to DDT, as.

Page 24: Feature Menu, Pip On-off, Pip Picture, Pip Position, Pip Source, Pip Swap, Pap On-off.Page 31: Connect Peripheral Equipment, High Definition, Via The Scart, Via Aerial Input, Decoder.Auto Program Program Table P11 S 18 P01 BBC 1 P02 C 04 P12 S 29.You can press RED or GREEN button to move page up or page down.Here you can download Hitachi L32HP01E Service Manual in PDF.Basic Operations Auto Program You can operate your TV using both the remote control and onset buttons.Download Hitachi Manuals: If you are desperately searching to Download a Hitachi Service Repair or Owners Manual,.Obtain the Conditional Access Module (CAM) and the The digital TV Setup menu screen is accessed from Viewing card by subscribing to a pay channel com- the main menu.Note: Remove the battery from remote control hand- Preparation set when it is not to be used for a long period.

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