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No multi-threaded applications are necessary because the Oracle8 i JVM environment handles load balancing.Overview of Coding Standards. are used by Oracle developers to build Oracle E.Support for Oracle8 i AdtMessages message types. (These are stored in the database as Oracle objects.It supports client calls to directory services, encrypted connections, and you can use it to manage your directory data.This combines the XML with XSL configuration files that define the user interface.A SQLJ program is a Java program that contains embedded static SQL statements which comply with the ANSI-standard SQLJ Language Reference syntax.It consists of the server component, runtime engines, and the servlet runner.Oracle Grc Online corporate course from India gives support by top most experts.

An Oracle Java-based application for managing data stored in Oracle Internet Directory.For detailed information about Apache JServ, see the Apache JServ Documentation on your Documentation Library CD-ROM.SQL constructs, against a specified database schema to ensure consistency within a particular set of SQL entities (optional).In addition to the standard JMS features, Oracle JMS provides a Java API for Oracle Advanced Queuing (AQ).Consequently, the payload of the message can be queried after it is enqueued.Consequently, components can be moved across tiers seamlessly without having to change any code for better performance.CLR Inside Out: Base Class Library. a Custom Forms Designer. under load for the new NET Framework Data Provider for Oracle vs. the Microsoft.

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Oracle Advanced Security provides enterprise user management, allowing administrators to centrally manage users on a central directory service, rather than repeatedly managing the same users on individual databases.Exception handling so messages can be moved to exception queues if they cannot be processed successfully.To deliver application hosting, Web content, security, and integration, Oracle Internet Application Server includes services that support the Oracle Internet Platform.

Oracle SQLJ consists of a translator and a runtime component.Extensibility: The Apache server delegates the handling of HTTP requests to its modules (mods), which add functionality not included in the server by default.Oracle8 i JVM is the common foundation for running Java and Java services in Oracle Internet Application Server and Oracle8 i.When users request Oracle Discoverer workbooks, the Viewer servlet, which runs on Oracle HTTP Server (Apache JServ servlet engine), interprets the HTTP request and makes the necessary calls to the Discoverer Service.As Sun Microsystems explains, JavaServer Pages technology extends Java Servlet technology, and supports the use of Java calls and scriptlets within HTML and XML pages.

TreeViewer Bean: Displays XML formatted files graphically as a tree.Currently, Oracle Portal is only available on the Windows NT version of Oracle Internet Application Server.Oracle Forms 9i How to disable menu items from a custom menu file.Automatically generates Java class source files from XML DTDs.To reduce the load on the back-end database instance, and to avoid network roundtrips for read-only data, Oracle Internet Application Server includes Oracle8 i.In standard SQLJ, this is typically done through calls to a JDBC driver.That is, the cache does not need to be as up-to-date as the data in the origin database. (You decide how often to refresh the data.).

Extended Datatypes: OracleJSP provides the JmlBoolean, JmlNumber, JmlFPNumber, and JmlString JavaBean classes in the oracle.jsp.jml package to wrap the most common Java datatypes.

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In the simplest case, it is nothing more than an HTML file or an XML file.Currently, Oracle Discoverer 3 i Viewer is available in the Windows NT and SPARC Solaris versions of Oracle Internet Application Server.Discoverer Viewer supports an HTML client and consists of two pieces.Oracle Grc Training provides you the capability to achieve your objectives.Oracle Internet Application Server 8 i Overview Guide Release 1.0.1 A83707-02.The Oracle. in 2000 in Prague by three software developers:.

For detailed information about Oracle BC4J and how to use it, see the Oracle BC4J documentation on your Documentation Library CD-ROM.Because Discoverer Viewer is an application built using standard Web technologies, all the usual features of your browser are available.

In Oracle Internet Application Server, when a client submits a request for a report, the Oracle HTTP Server Web listener routes that request to the Oracle Reports Services server component.Oracle8 i PLSQL is a scalable engine for running business logic against data in Oracle8 i Cache and Oracle8 i database.SAX APIs permit an application to process XML documents using an event-driven model.An administrative API to create queue tables, queues, and topics.

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Using Oracle Enterprise Security Manager, a tool accessible through Oracle Enterprise Manager, enterprise users and their authorizations are managed in Oracle Internet Directory or other LDAP v3-compliant directory services.Consequently, JSP developers (who may not know Java) can focus on presentation logic, while Java developers can focus on business logic.

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