Darcy forchheimer coefficients open foam user guide

This boundary condition enforces a cyclic condition between a pair of boundaries. More.The reciprocal of the preconditioned diagonal is calculated and stored. More.Takes the description of the block and the list of curved edges and creates a list of points on edges together with the weighting factors. More.This boundary condition maps the velocity and flux from a neighbour patch to this patch. More.Only overlaps and calcNearest are implemented, rest makes little sense. More.Inner-product between a spherical symmetric tensor and a symmetric tensor.

So all faces will become base of pyramid with as top a user-supplied point.Chemistry model for compressibility-based thermodynamics. More.Definition at line 154 of file reconstructLagrangianFields.C.

Input inter-processor communications stream operating on external buffer. More.Various implementations of this base class to e.g. get sampling points at uniform distance along a line ( uniformSet ) or directly specified ( cloudSet ) More.Interpolate selected fields (given by indices and corresponding weights).Return the dual cross-product between two spatial vectors. More.Solve returning the solution statistics given convergence tolerance.Find index of min element (and less than given element). More.Definition at line 36 of file makeDSMCParcelBinaryCollisionModels.C.Every point becomes a cell (or multiple cells for feature points), a walk around every edge creates faces between them. More.Referenced by emptyList(), inplaceSubset(), scalarRanges::select(), timeSelector::select(), and uniqueOrder().

Templated 3D transposed compact spatial tensor derived from MatrixSpace used to represent transformations of spatial vectors of rigid bodies. More.Write vtk representation of (assembled) faceSet to vtk file in. More.Given the original mesh and the list of selected cells, it creates the mesh consisting only of the desired cells, with the mapping list for points, faces, and cells. More.A wordRe is a word, but can also have a regular expression for matching words. More.Return the normalized (unit) quaternion of the given quaternion.Data associated with directionInfo type are contiguous. More.Data associated with labelSphericalTensor type are contiguous.The Belgian Nuclear Research Center is working since several years on the design of MYRRHA (Multi-purpose Hybrid Research Reactor for High-tech.

Particle secondary breakup model, based on the reference: More.Class holds all the necessary information for mapping fields associated with fvMesh. More.This boundary condition provides a jump condition, using the cyclic condition as a base. More.Data associated with pointData as contiguous as pointEdgePoint. More.Abstract base class to hold the Field mapping addressing and weights. More.Generate (sorted) indices corresponding to unique list values.

Double-dot-product between a symmetric tensor and a symmetric tensor.Simple container to keep together snap specific information. More.MRF zone definition based on cell zone and parameters obtained from a control dictionary constructed from the given stream. More.References abort(), cmptMultiply(), endl(), FatalError, and FatalErrorInFunction.This boundary condition supplies a fixed value constraint, and is the base class for a number of other boundary conditions. More.Data associated with spatialVector type are contiguous. More.References abort(), endl(), FatalError, FatalErrorInFunction, and ping().

Based on solving the cell-centre Laplacian for the motion displacement. More.Definition at line 65 of file reactingMultiphaseParcelInjectionDataIO.C.Lookup a symbol in a dlopened library using handle to library.LduMatrix is a general matrix class in which the coefficients are stored as three arrays, one for the upper triangle, one for the lower triangle and a third for the diagonal. More.MRF zones are specified by a list of dictionary entries, e.g. More.An objectMap is a pair of labels defining the mapping of an object from another object, e.g. a cell mapped from a point. More.

A topoSetSource to select the cells from another cellSet. More.Definition at line 41 of file multivariateIndependentSchemes.C.A packed storage unstructured matrix of objects of type using an offset table for access. More.Referenced by fileMonitorWatcher::addWatch(), fileMonitorWatcher::removeWatch(), and fileMonitor::setUnmodified().This boundary condition fixes the velocity to zero at walls. More.Used as the base class for processor and cyclic pointPatches More.Rotational spatial transformation tensor about axis a by omega radians. More.

Specialization of rigidBody to construct a cuboid given the mass and lengths of the sides. More.Common functions used in temperature coupled boundaries. More.

Is just a slip type since all hard work (projection) is done in the pointPatch field. More.References conjugate(), septernion::r(), septernion::septernion(), septernion::t(), and quaternion::transform().The Brinkman-Forchheimer extension of Darcy equation is utilized to model the. transfer coefficient was. the core flow and guide coolant.References endl(), Pstream::gather(), Pout, error::printStack(), Pstream::scatter(), and UPstream::warnComm.

Optional thin thermal layer resistances can be specified through thicknessLayers and kappaLayers entries for the fixed heat transfer coefficient mode. More.References abort(), fvMatrix::dimensions(), dimVolume, endl(), FatalError, FatalErrorInFunction, and fvMatrix::psi().Basic pointPatch represents a set of points from the mesh. More.Return list indices for strings matching one of the regular expression. More.A namespace for incompressible mixtureViscosityModel implementations.A class representing the concept of a field of 1 used to avoid unnecessary manipulations for objects which are known to be one at compile-time. More.Geometric class that creates a 2D plane and can return the intersection point between a line and the plane. More.

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