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Marketers have to be particularly cautious about using this area.It is based on personal judgement. b. It is applicable to business alone.

However, it had not received consent from the party to utilize the picture.In advertising, deception refers to making false or misleading statements in advertisements. a. True.A consent order allows an advertiser to agree to stop running a questionable ad without having to admit guilt.ANSWER: In a situation like this, the local BBB reviews the issue, often sent in the form of a complaint by consumers or competitors.The third advertisement is for a designer wear firm depicting the sale of designer dresses and shoes.The more products that succeed, the fewer losses firms incur from failed product introductions.Advertising and Integrated Brand Promotion Advertising and Integrated Brand Promotion OGuinn Advertising and Integrated Brand Promotion OGuinn 6th.

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Testbank For Advertising and Promotion An Integrated Marketing Communications Perspective 9th Edition by Belch.

ANSWER: False DIFFICULTY: Moderate LEARNING OBJECTIVES: AIBP.OGUI.15.4-2.It is when journalists are paid by corporations to receive favorable treatment in their editorials.An order for corrective advertising requires that the advertiser run new ads that clarify misleading claims or that retract erroneous information that the consumer has been led to believe as true.

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It is also considered the most widely recognized industry standard. a. advertising substantiation program.ANSWER: d DIFFICULTY: Moderate LEARNING OBJECTIVES: AIBP.OGUI.15.4-3.Test bank for Advertising and Integrated Brand Promotion, 7th Edition-Thomas OGuinn, Allen, Semenik, Scheinbaum.

Title: Test Bank for Advertising and Integrated Brand Promotion, 5th Edition: OGuinn DownloadEdition: 5th EditionISBN-10: 0324568622ISBN-13: 978-0324568622.Chapter 1 - Practice Test 2 Introduction to Promotion and Integrated Marketing Communications. a.brand stretching b.brand equity.The Telephone Consumer Fraud and Abuse Prevention Act of the mid-1990s.The second advertisement for a real estate firm depicts a cozy living room in a good locality in town.It involves consumer-oriented promotions such as coupons, premiums, and sweepstakes.Advertising And Integrated Brand Promotion 6th Edition Free PDF eBook Download: Advertising And Integrated Brand Promotion 6th Edition Download or Read Online eBook.It is most likely that the FTC would require a(n) from the manufacturing firm.A group called Adbusters has a website containing many pages that address issues of consumption and culture, media practices, and corporate responsibilities.

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Integrated Brand Promotion, Segmented Marketing. B. Integrated Brand Promotion. D.The field of public relations is not restricted by the same types of laws as other business elements of the promotional and marketing mix.ANSWER: a DIFFICULTY: Challenging LEARNING OBJECTIVES: AIBP.OGUI.15.4-1.

To meet FTC standards for this type of endorsement, the celebrity must.A high-end specialty store, recognized nationwide for its prestigious reputation, is busy with customers eyeing and buying costly items of clothing with designer labels.The spots run on network television and trumpet the improved casting distance that the rod provides.

ANSWER: The FTC has four options when it responds to claims of unfairness or deception in an advertisement.ANSWER: b DIFFICULTY: Moderate LEARNING OBJECTIVES: AIBP.OGUI.15.4-4.ANSWER: c DIFFICULTY: Challenging LEARNING OBJECTIVES: AIBP.OGUI.15.4-2.

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Test Bank for Advertising and Integrated Brand Promotion 7th Edition OGuinn.An advertisement for a peanut butter product, of one firm, that compares itself to the peanut butter product, of another firm, would be considered illegal because it mentions brand-name goods produced by another firm.By regularly assessing information and advertising claims, consumers become more educated regarding the features, benefits, functions, and value of products.Three teenage girls who hang around together all start to smoke cigarettes, and eventually start to drink beer on weekends.Advertisers have historically been responsible for buying air time on educational and cultural programs despite their smaller audiences, thereby boosting the overall quality of American television.

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